August and September 2018 Lifetime Deals: Great WordPress Products

If you are looking for the best August and September 2018 Lifetime Deals, look no further as we bring you our recommended products for these two months. Personally, I’m excited over the current crop of lifetime deals and upcoming deals which feature on AppSumo and the various other sources of lifetime products.

August & September 2018 Lifetime Deals: The Introduction

August & September 2018 Lifetime Deals
August & September 2018 Lifetime Deals (click to enlarge)

In August, we had a bunch of powerful project management apps. This included ClickUp, GitScrum, Atina and Logical Plan. GitScrum and ClickUp are my picks.

ClickUp comes with an amazing user interface and has a bunch of integrations that make it easy to manage projects or even tasks. Personally, I’ve bought myself a ClickUp Pro license to work as my task manager.

GitScrum instead is an upcoming Scrum project management app. If you work in a startup or digital agency, using GitScrum will definitely improve your production. With Scrum based features such as burndown charts, planning poker and an easy way to view the progress of various projects, GitScrum is a practical Jira-alternative.

We were also treated with vooPlayer, which became the most popular AppSumo deal ever. With a staggering 247 reviews and an average of five stars, vooPlayer was a steal.

But August is over and we are fast approaching mid-September. And while the vooPlayer lifetime deal is over, we do have some compelling lifetime deals that you should buy.

Let us now look at the current crop of recommended August & September 2018 lifetime deals below.

August & September 2018 Lifetime Deals: Current Deals

1) Swift Performance – Lifetime Price, $199. Regular Price, $179.99/year (Ends: 16th September 2018)

Swift Performance is the lifetime deal to grab. Especially if you are on a budget and could only afford one or two items on this list. With unlimited WordPress sites, powerful optimisation performance as well as unlimited image compression, Swift Performance is a must buy if you do WordPress websites.

Swift Performance has also shown great performance and has become the performance plugin to beat now.

Save yourself some money by grabbing the lifetime license at only USD 199, before the lifetime deal ends.

Visit Swift Performance

2) Brizy Pro – Lifetime Price, $279. Regular Price, $199/year

[videopress TZyAFv8H]

Brizy Pro is another lifetime deal to look out for. Created by the folks behind Themefuse, Brizy is shaping out nicely as a worthy competitor to page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect.

I tested Brizy against Elementor Pro and Beaver Builder in duplicating the layout of several production sites that my client wanted. And while Brizy was lacking certain blocks, that will be fixed as the plugin matures.

Brizy Pro’s lifetime deal will only be around for a few weeks more. By October, it should revert to yearly subscriptions.

Don’t miss out on this gem. Grab yourself a lifetime license before the time runs out.

Visit Brizy Pro

3) OWOX Basic BI 0 Plan – Lifetime Price, $49. Regular Price, $115/mo (estimated)

OWOX: Get your ROAS data in Google Analytics
OWOX: Get your ROAS data in Google Analytics

It is hard to put an actual figure to the OWOX AppSumo Lifetime Deal as this deal does not give you attribution. However, it does offer you unlimited pipelines for importing data from paid channels.

This includes Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads and the likes. And while you could do this manually, OWOX saves you so much time and effort.

If you run a digital agency and handle paid ads for clients, OWOX is a no-brainer. In comparison, SuperMetrics costs you $39/mo for each pipeline.

Visit OWOX

4) Unless 2018 – Lifetime Price, $79. Regular Price, $149/mo

Personalisation is the next thing for websites. But delivering a personalised experience to your site’s visitors is either expensive or time-consuming. Here’s where Unless comes in.

Unless is a personalisation tool that changes your site real-time, based on your site’s visitors. It doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles that its established competitors have (e.g: e-commerce product recommendation, email personalisation and mobile app personalisation), but for whatever it does, it does it effectively.

The new Unless deal also comes with five sites but unlimited visitors. This enables you to personalise sites for large clients, news portals or even e-commerce stores, without worrying about overage charges.

Unless is down to its last hundred odd licenses. I would grab a copy if I were you.

Visit Unless

5) Story Chief – Lifetime Price, $49. Regular Price, €230/month

Story Chief is a gorgeous app that lets you grow your content well. With easy collaboration, powerful distribution, inbuilt SEO and an effective influencer outreach tool, Story Chief aims to revolutionise your content creation.

However, Story Chief lacks proper WordPress image storage, which might be a deal breaker for some of you out there.

Personally, I will stack 4x for two extended plans. And then wait it out. Story Chief is too exciting to miss out on.

Visit Story Chief

6) FormGet – Lifetime Price, $69. Regular Price, $99/month (Ends: 15th September 2018)

FormGet: The best, easy-to-use, form builder software
FormGet: The best, easy-to-use, form builder software

You might not be keen on FormGet if you only do WordPress websites. But if you run SaaS apps,  FormGet is something you should consider. Instead of wrangling code to create forms, you create them easily via FormGet’s easy to use backend.

Neeraj and the FormGet team has done a great job with improving every single aspect of FormGet ever since they launched the FormGet lifetime deal a few months back.

I would recommend you to grab a lifetime license and not regret later.

Visit FormGet

7) SEOPress – Lifetime Discounted Price, $27.30/year. Regular Price, $39/year (Ends: 2nd October 2018)

SEOPress is already a very affordable plugin before the lifetime discount. But hey, why turn away a good discount?

If you do WordPress, you should look into SEOPress. It does 95% of what Yoast SEO does and more. Plus, you save up to 95% or more of the fees that you pay to Yoast.

Here’s an example.

  • Yoast SEO Premium – $89/site
  • Yoast Local SEO – $69/site
  • Yoast WooCommerce SEO – $49/site
  • Yoast Local SEO for WooCommerce – $129/site

And that adds up to a grand total of $336 yearly for each site you have. If you handle ten client sites, you would be forking out a sinful $3360 per year.

How about if you want videos or to appear on Google News? That’s an extra $69/site each. Which adds up to a princely sum of $494 yearly.

SEOPress comes with a flat price of only $27.30 per year. For unlimited sites. And if you buy before the lifetime discount is over, you get locked into this price, forever.

Even with one hundred sites.

What are you waiting for? Grab a lifetime license today as SEOPress has confirmed that the prices will go up after the initial launch.

Visit SEOPress

8) WP Time Capsule – Lifetime Price, $699. Regular Price, $199/year

We do not have a definite answer of when the WP Time Capsule (WPTC) lifetime deal is ending, but it will surely end within a few weeks to months.

If you do some WordPress websites as an agency or as a freelancer, please scoop up this valuable lifetime license before it ends.

WP Time Capsule is the only plugin in the market that allows you the following:

  • Freedom of storage site (Amazon S3, Google Drive & Dropbox)
  • Incremental Backups (only VaultPress does this)
  • 365 days of Real-Time Backups (only VaultPress does better than this. But at $29/month)
  • One-Click Staging

If you are still on the fence, please grab a license before the lifetime deal ends.

Visit WP Time Capsule

August & September 2018 Lifetime Deals: The Conclusion

As usual, these lifetime deals are expiring soon. Novocall just dropped and a few more should drop before the month ends.

But lifetime deals for the Swift Performance WordPress Plugin, Brizy Pro, WP Time Capsule and SEOPress are hard to come by. If you have the budget, grab all four if not the rest on the recommended list.

Otherwise, just grab Swift Performance, SEOPress, Brizy and WP Time Capsule (in that order), as these deals let you apply them on not just one site, but to all the sites you manage.

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