April & May 2018 Lifetime Deals: Great Apps for Life

It has been awhile since we last published a monthly deal guide. Work and improving my coding skills has been my priority this month and will be for the foreseeable future. But we had a bunch of good, interesting and the no-so-good deals since my last round-up.

As such, I’m restarting my round-up of lifetime deals for April and May. Don’t worry, I’ll also list some of the non AppSumo/StackSocial deals that I encounter.

I did not buy much deals last month. However, I invested in a few deals which would help me grow my digital agency. Here are the deals I purchased.

Of the purchases I made, I’m most pleased with MalCare ($49 per license). As I’m in the web development and SEO business, having care plans for my clients are a must. But, I could not offer comprehensive care plans due to the lack of a practical Web Application Firewall (WAF) and malware removal.

Read: MalCare Review: Comprehensive Malware Protection

The MalCare deal enables me to offer a complete WordPress Care Package when used with WP Time Capsule, another brilliant lifetime deal that I invested in.

I previously recommended Keyword Hero, so I decided to make good on my recommendation. I bought a couple of Keyword Hero licenses and then bugged some friends and customers to buy some too. After starting my studies to get the Google Analytics Qualification, I realised how powerful the Keyword Hero is. It was truly an inspired purchase.

Without further ado, let’s get into the April and May 2018 lifetime deals

Active April and May 2018 Lifetime Deals

Deals Coming Soon

Expired April and May 2018 Lifetime Deals

  • Beacon, Anniversary Sale ($98, Agency Upgrade $149)
  • Beamer ($49)
  • Brainleaf, Facebook Group Deal ($49)
  • BrandMentions, Facebook Group Deal
  • Convertful ($49, $79)
  • Crowdfire ($39/year)
  • Flexie CRM ($269)
  • HumDash (Free Limited Lifetime Offer)
  • JetWebinar ($149)
  • Keyword Revealer, ($39, $69, Agency $199)
  • Lemlist ($49)
  • MalCare ($49)
  • MeetLeonard ($49)
  • Nusii ($49)
  • PieSync ($39)
  • ProveSrc, Facebook Group Deal ($49)
  • RelayThat ($49)
  • Rocketium ($49)
  • Support Hero ($49)
  • Verloop, Facebook Group Deal ($59 & $99)

April & May 2018 Lifetime Deals: Recommended Purchases

There are a number of gems in the current existing lifetime deals. Here are some of the recommended deals you should pick up

1) SerpStat (LTD: $39, Regularly: $19/month with some extra AppSumo features)

May 2018 Lifetime Deal: SerpStat Lifetime

If you run a small business, a boutique digital agency or even work in digital marketing, you need to understand SEO. And SerpStat does that for you.

From SERP Position Tracking, Backlink Analysis and even Keyword Research (I prefer my Long Tail Pro lifetime) and Website Audit (again, I prefer Website Auditor), SerpStat is an all-in-one SEO tool to get your started.

Personally I use SerpStat for the Backlink Analysis and the SERP Position Tracking, which proves itself invaluable.

Verdict: SerpStat is ending soon, so grab yourself a copy before the deal ends.

Visit SerpStat

2) 24sessions (LTD: $69, Regularly: $30/month)

May 2018 Lifetime Deals: 24sessions lifetime

If you do consulting, sales, recruitment or run a business that needs you to give advice on a regular basis, you need 24sessions. 24sessions is an easy way for your customers to schedule appointments, get reminders and than have a high quality video call with you. All within one app.

Yes, you might be able to do the same with Skype, WhatsApp and some combination of tools, but why have multiple touch points that might lead to failure?

24sessions has been successfully applied by banks, financial advisory and recruitment, among others. And it is going at a lifetime price of $69 for a very limited time only.

Verdict: I’ll be buying at least a copy for myself. That’s how good it is. Would you join me?

Visit 24sessions

3) Docsify (LTD: $49, Regularly: $9/month)

April & May 2018 Lifetime Deals: Docsify Lifetime

Ever wondered whether your recipient opened or read your email? Or perhaps you wanted a way to schedule your emails. Like the lengthy email you typed and completed at 3am. Only cause sending the email at 3am looks bad on you. But sending it at 6:30am makes you look like a boss.

Stacking up on the Docsify deal will get you the powerful and customised auto-follow ups and sequences, making your outreach campaigns, even more powerful.

Personally, I’ve purchased a license to use with non-proposal emails.

Verdict: Get this if getting better email scheduling and reporting for Gmail matters to you

Visit Docsify

4) Reportz.io (Regularly: $140/month)

Reportz.io Lifetime Deal

If you run a digital marketing agency, you need to get Reportz.io. It cuts down on reporting time (5 hours or more each month per client) and lets you focus on improving results for your clients instead.

Personally, I feel that Reportz.io might not be suitable for people not in the digital marketing industry. But if you do, you need to stack up.

Personally, I plan to stack a few Reportz.io licenses.

Verdict: Must buy if you run a digital agency

Just Expired April & May 2018 Lifetime Deals:

1) Beamer (lifetime deal: $49, normal price: $49/month with some features from the higher tiered plans)

Beamer Review 2018

I like Beamer, but it is easy to overlook Beamer for some flashier software out there. Especially when you are on a budget. And with so many interesting lifetime deals, noticing Beamer is harder.

Read: Beamer Review

Beamer does announcement notifications well. This is crucial if you run an online store, a tuition centre or even a blog. Rather than writing short announcements that might get you penalised by Google (plus it’s difficult to find), Beamer makes announcements easy.

Visit Beamer


As mentioned before, these lifetime deals are usually no longer available after the deal expires. In my experience, only 1% of lifetime deals return for an encore deal. Plus, you get generous refund terms if you find the apps unsuitable for your needs. AppSumo stands out from the crowd with their very generous 60 days return terms.

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