AppSumo Last Call May 2020

In this edition of May 2020 AppSumo Last Call, we are given a choice of six interesting products. If time is short, we recommend Wishpond, BrandMentions and WishList Member. However, if you are a digital marketer, Oviond is a potentially good buy with a caveat though.

Before proceeding, you might want to take a look at the table below.

AppSumo Last Call May 2020 Breakdown Table

WishpondBrandMentionsWishList MemberBotStarStackbyOviond
Landing Pages, Lead Gen & Email MarketingWeb & Social Monitoring ToolWordPress Membership PluginChatbotSpreadsheet-style DatabaseBI Dashboard
10k Leads20 Keywords Tracked,100k Instant Mentions, Daily Alerts, 5 Projects3 Sites50k Sessions, 3 Member Seats20 Databases, 10k Rows, 10 GB attachments/stack, 2 Users20 Clients
3 Codes2 Codes3 Codes10 Codes5 Codes3 Codes
50k Leads, Unlimited Drip Campaigns, 50k emails/mo.40 Keywords Tracked, 200k Instant Mentions, Real-time Alerts, 10 Projects50 Sites3M Sessions, Unlimited Member Seats40 Databases, 30k Rows, 30 GB attachments/stack, 12 Users200 Clients. $2/mo for each additional client
50k Leads at $408/mo50 Keywords tracked at $299/mo50 Sites at $297/year500 Sessions at $15/moBusiness Tier has 50 databases, 50k rows and 20 GB attachments/stack at $18/userRegular Agency has 180 clients at $399/mo
LeadPages, ClickFunnels, InstaPageKeyhole, Brandwatch, AwarioMemberPress, Paid Membership Pro, Restrict Content ProMobile Monkey, ChatFuel, ManyChatAirtable, Start Infinity, NotionCyfe, Supermetrics
Someone who wants a no-hassle lead generation landing page with email marketing softwareBrands looking to up their digital game and respond to mentions, real-timeWordPress site owners looking to monetise their site via a powerful membership systemWebsites with traffic, looking to have an easy-to-use chatbot with generous limitsPeople who like Airtable to manage their data but want better limitsDigital Marketers looking to have a dashboard to easily view understand data and show their clients
Easy-to-use, Generous Limits, Extensive Pre-Designed TemplatesMatured & Reliable. Owns CognitiveSEOMatured. Rapidly improving.Generous Limits, Easy to Build Chat FlowsGenerous Limits, Flexible Use-CasesGenerous Limits, Covers Essential Integrations
Can be replicated with WordPressNot for people who don't want to grow their online presenceNot as flexible as Paid Memberships ProLacks in-depth integration with WordPress and WooCommerce.Lacks the power of Airtable. Airtable might be enough for some.Low SEMRush metrics is worrying for a SaaS Product. Lacks integration of larger players

Wishpond LTD – $49/code

Wishpond is an all-in-one lead generation software. You can either use it to create landing pages on its own, or integrate it with WordPress. But why Wishpond when there’s my WordPress page builder like Elementor and Beaver Builder, with my optin forms and email marketing software and my bla bla bla?

If you are a hardcore web developer who needs the flexibility of creating or integrating your own tools, perhaps Wishpond isn’t for you. Wishpond is created as an all-in-one marketing platform for the non-technical people. Wishpond makes it easy for marketers to focus on growing their business online.

It comes with a bunch of cutting edge features including:

  • A Powerful Landing Page Builder – with beautiful pre-designed templates that look good on all devices
  • The Ability to Run Unique Contests – to grow your audience through viral social media campaigns, building your engagement metrics that’ll lead to more exposure on social networks. Personally, I’m amazed with their photo contest.
  • A Referral Suite – so that people will be incentivise to promote your site, building your word-of-mouth exposure to networks who would never have heard of you.
  • Beautiful Pop-up Forms – that turns visitors into email list subscribers, helping to grow sales.
  • Simple Online Forms – Collect the right information, easily with Wishpond’s simple but yet easy-to-use, drag-and-drop form builder. You can further optimise your form with A/B testing, ensuring you get the best converting form.
  • Marketing Automation – While we can the same with email marketing software, they are often expensive. Marketing automation are a winner for me, as it allows powerful, personalised messages to be setup, improving your conversions and reducing your workload.
  • Leads Database – The Leads database helps you view the pages they are currently visiting and the campaigns they are converting and then segment them. This helps you further personalise your marketing campaigns for them.
  • 300+ Integrations – With so many integrations, you can easily find a slot for Wishpond in your digital marketing plan

Should you get Wishpond even though you’re familiar with websites? If you want a hassle free site, I would say yes.

The Wishpond deal on AppSumo is ending in soon. With a 3x stack of Wishpond codes, you get 50k leads for life, equivalent to the highest tier (Rapid Growth), which costs $408/month if billed yearly. I’ll definitely be grabbing my codes before the counter ends.

Conclusion: While I initially didn’t quite see the point of Wishpond, I’m impressed while doing this round-up. A must buy.

BrandMentions LTD – $49/code

Social Media Marketing is important in this time and age. But while there are a bunch of social media post schedulers, there are few social listening apps out there. Most are expensive. Plus, you can’t monitor your social media performance based on likes and shares alone.

This is why Brand Mentions is a winner. With Brand Mentions, you get feedback on your brand performance. This includes alerts when an irate customer complains about your brand. Have you seen some famous brands being mentioned and complained about, but nobody responded? Well, BrandMentions solves this. Just sit back and check your daily email alert.

Brand Mentions is by the same team behind CognitiveSEO, the powerful SEO tool with a powerful backlink analysis and inBound Link Analysis. With this capabilities as well as the finances from CognitiveSEO, expect Brand Mentions to continue growing into a top social listening tool.

The Brand Mentions deal is particularly generous. If you grab a 2x stack, you’ll have 40 keywords tracked. The usual price for tracking 50 keywords is $299/month. I’ve grabbed my codes the moment Brand Mentions resurfaced on this month’s Last Call edition.

Conclusion: Brand Mentions is a gem of a product. I highly recommend it.

WishList Member LTD – $49/code

If you run a blog with a following, having a powerful membership site is a great way to monetise it. That way, you can do things like exclusive content for members, a members’ only forum as well as members discounts.

But while there are dime-a-dozen membership plugins for WordPress, only four stand out. They are MemberPress, Restrict Content Pro, Paid Memberships Pro and most recently, WishList Member. WishList Member has seen huge improvements over the past year with WishList Member 3.0.

WishList Member is suitable for publishers, associations and learning centres. Yu can create a powerful online learning portal by combining of WishList Member and a LMS software like LearnDash.

While a single code of WishList Member gives you 3 sites, we recommend stacking 3 codes, which will give you 50 sites. This is equivalent to the highest tier, which costs $297/year.

Conclusion: If you use WordPress regularly, WishList Member is a worthwhile purchase.

BotStar LTD – $49/code

BotStar is an easy-to-use Chatbot for websites. With Chatfuel’s free plan nerfed, having a good chatbot might make a world of difference on your site. We like Botstar for their easy-to-use chatbot conversation flow interface. Compared to many others, working with BotStar is a joy.

It’s main strengths are integration with DialogFlow and Wit.AI (for better AI capabilities), Zapier, Integromat, Google Sheets and Webhooks. However, BotStar does not integrate with any online stores, which is a disappointment. It also lacks the ability to connect to your RSS feed. This is a sorely needed feature for blogs as it’ll help drive traffic through the chatbot.

BotStar is suitable for digital marketers who need a simple chatbot for their marketing campaigns. With the ability to connect BotStar to Facebook ads and the ability to send sponsored messages, BotStar will do well if you run Facebook Ads.

However, BotStar isn’t for online store owners nor bloggers.

A single BotStar code would give you 50k sessions. This would be enough for a small site. However, if you need more, you can stack up to 10 codes for 3 million sessions per month.

Conclusion: If you do not yet have a chatbot in your marketing arsenal, you might want to give BotStar a go. If your current chatbots are difficult to use, grab a few BotStar codes.

Stackby LTD – $59/code

Stackby is a flexible work management tool with customizable spreadsheet-style databases and business API. If you have been using Airtable but are hitting your limits, Stackby might be your answer. It comes with generous limits and the ability to massage your data the way you want it.

However, while Stackby looks and performs similarly to Airtable, it lacks some of more powerful the features that Airtable has. And Airtable are constantly adding to their features list.

Stackby is suitable for people looking for a project management. If you missed out on lifetime deals for Notion and StartInfinity, perhaps Stackby might be the tool for you.

A single Stackby code gives you only 2 users with 20 databases and 10k rows per database. If you run a company, grab a 5x stack of Stackby codes, to give you 12 users, 40 databases and 30k rows per database. This makes it generous when compared to the Business Tier of Stackby.

Conclusion: While I prefer more traditional project management apps, Stacky is worth a look.

Oviond LTD – $49/code

Oviond is a business intelligence dashboard to help you easily view your online marketing data. Easily view data broken down into graphs, charts and tables. This helps with analyzing the data and taking appropriate action as needed.

Oviond also comes with automated, white label reporting, which makes you look good to your client, while cutting down on hours of work per report.

I like Oviond as it comes with a decent amount of integrations. However, Oviond’s biggest weakness is its own weak SEO. With a SEMRush ranking of 16 million, Oviond does not have much traffic, which is worrying long term. Would Oviond be able to capitalise on their AppSumo sales and grow from here? Only time will tell.

Oviond is suitable for digital agencies, digital marketers and bloggers looking to better understand their site via metrics.

The Oviond deal is generous. While a single code lets you handle 20 clients, stacking 3x codes gives you 200 clients. That is higher than Oviond’s Regular Agency plan, has 180 clients at $399/month.

Conclusion: I would immediately grab all three codes if Oviond’s SEO metrics was stronger. For now, I’m still deciding for the next few hours.


This month’s Last Call features a number of compelling products. While we have our favorites, do check out our round up above and decide if it is for you.

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