About WPStarters

Our Background

Like you, I was looking for an answer for our business needs when I came across WordPress back in 2009. We were on Drupal then (another Content Management System), and updating the sites proved to be a hassle. Hence the leap to WordPress.

I’ve come a long way with WordPress since then. Having bought, tested and put to use numerous plugins and themes to turbocharge my sites, I eventually picked up web development at a Malaysian Coding Bootcamp, sponsored by MaGIC, the Malaysian Startup enabler.

Ever since that bootcamp, I’ve worked in various places including a US WordPress plugin company, before starting out as a freelancer. Over time, the freelance work stabilized and grew into a boutique digital agency.

What can you look forward to in this blog?

As we use a bunch of tools in our daily work, including WordPress plugins, themes, CRM solutions, newsletters, chatbots and the likes, you can expect to see in-depth guides and reviews of these tools.