Best Lifetime Deals for Black Friday 2018 (and Cyber Monday)

If you are looking for the best lifetime deals for Black Friday 2018 (and Cyber Monday), look no further as we compile a comprehensive list of SaaS products that will be on offer during that

October and November 2018 Lifetime Deals

Best October & November 2018 Lifetime Deals

 As we approach Black Friday (23rd November 2018), it is understandable to keep some money ready for attractive Black Friday deals. But don’t just ignore the current set of deals. There are some under-rated

Albacross Review

Albacross Review: Track and Target Companies Effectively

Finding qualified leads is difficult. That’s why we pay a fortune for ads and employ digital marketing agencies to manage social media campaigns, websites, PPC and content. And that’s why we focus on improving conversion

August & September 2018 Lifetime Deals

August and September 2018 Lifetime Deals: Great WordPress Products

If you are looking for the best August and September 2018 Lifetime Deals, look no further as we bring you our recommended products for these two months. Personally, I’m excited over the current crop of

GitScrum Review

GitScrum Review: Best Way to Manage Your Projects

Proper and efficient project management is tough but essential in companies, but more so in multi-nationals and corporations. That’s why good project managers are highly paid for their work. In recent years, Scrum, an Agile

vooplayer review

vooPlayer Review: The Best Video Marketing Tool

For many years, blogging has been an essential part of content marketing. That’s why we craft helpful articles based on certain themes and keywords for our target audience. However, that may soon come to a

WebARX Review

WebARX Review: Keep Websites Secured

If you run a website or an online store, there is a chance you might already been hacked. But you won’t know until it’s too late. By then your site might be a cesspool of

July 2018 Lifetime Deals

July 2018 Lifetime Deals: Deals for Developers

If you are looking for the best deals for July 2018, look no further than our exclusive July 2018 Lifetime Deals list, where we help you find the greatest July 2018 lifetime deals amidst the

Posts Table Pro Review

Posts Table Pro Review: No Data Entry Required

Creating written content is a difficult process. Especially if you plan to consistently create valuable content. But conversely, having a lot of content is tough as your readers might be overwhelmed with content. Or end up

GoPinLeads Review

GoPinLeads Review: Instantly Generate Tons of Sales Leads

Here is a short GoPinLeads review for the lifetime deal which is ending really soon on AppSumo. The purpose of writing this review isn’t so much on the affiliate fees (though that helps), but to

Feedier Review

Feedier Review: Collect Valuable Feedback Easily

Have you ever been asked to help ‘someone’ complete a survey? Perhaps its for some research, university assignment or some magazine/blog article. And the next thing you know, you are wading through seemingly endless and

RocketLink Review: the Banner

RocketLink Review: Add SuperPowers to Your Links

Here’s a quick review on RocketLink, the link shortener with a focus on retargeting ads. If you haven’t heard of retargeting, don’t worry, neither have I until recently. Until last week, the concept of tracking review Review: Talk Your Way to Results

Have you ever wondered how to improve the performance and conversion rate of your websites, online stores or digital marketing campaigns? Be it Google Ads, page views, Facebook Page or content, it is easy to

MobileMonkey Review: Makes Facebook Marketing Fun & Easy

In the world of digital marketing, funnels and conversions matters to a website. That is why email marketing using platforms like MailChimp and Amazon SES has been the rage for the past several years. But

UserGuiding Review

UserGuiding Review: Better User Onboarding Without Coding

If you haven’t bought the UserGuiding lifetime deal, you need to grab yourself a few copies before the deal ends in a few hours time. Having said that, this is a brief UserGuiding review due