5 Things You Never Knew When Hiring WordPress Developers

So your company decides it needs a new website (or a refresh of the old one) and you begin your search on hiring WordPress developers. You google your way through and find a few promising WordPress developers around your locality. You then compare the packages on offer and select three of the cheapest. And then

digital nomad in Malaysia

Digital Nomad In Malaysia : How To Make It

The term, Digital Nomad is pretty new to most parts of the world. Where I come from, it is hard to find digital nomads as Malaysia isn’t really a tourist spot. But move one country away and you’ll find plenty of digital nomads over in Chiangmai, Thailand. So why digital nomadism and what makes it

Black Friday Cyber Monday WordPress Deals & Coupons

Black Friday / Cyber Monday WordPress Deals 2016

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are periods of time when thanksgiving happen and sales occur throughout the United States. Interestingly, during this period of time, a number of WordPress companies participate as well. If you are looking for a conclusive Black Friday / Cyber Monday WordPress deals list, look no further as we bring scour

CoSchedule Review : Automate Your Content Marketing

The road to content marketing is often a hard one, but one filled with much rewards. Producing valuable content is hard work. However, writing content is only part of it. The other part involves promoting our content. But how do we do so effectively? Here’s where CoSchedule comes in. Read our CoSchedule review after the

LensCap Review : Looks Just Like The Papers

I have always looked up to Array Themes for their beautiful themes. With meticulously placed pixels and beautiful design, I loved their themes the moment I saw them. But they did not have any themes that integrated with WooCommerce, leaving online store owners like myself in a quandary. We either had to create a child

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